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Bio-Swale by Jacy Garrison
"Let us help you bring nature back into your yard"
Design and consultation on using Native Plants to create: Bio-Swales Rain Gardens Butterfly Gardens Woodland Sites
Rain Gardens
 Depot Park Rain Garden Stormwater runoff area Grasses and Iris doing well Native plants starting to take hold rain garden prep complete White Culvers Root spreading Iron Weed reaching up Close up of swamp milkweed in rain garden Butterfly weed in rain garden 2009 Expansion area of rain garden 2009 Rain garden in bloom Rain Garden signage
Butterfly Garden
Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly butterfly garden site selection initial native plants planted Garden area Mulched Weed prevention installation Plant growth showing progress Native plants in full bloom Blackeyed susan and heart leafed asters New England Aster in bloom Heart leaf Aster blooming Blackeyed Susan, NE Aster, Butterfly bush& Monarda in Bloom Native plants in Fall stage
Woodland Garden
woodland garden Begin Woodland Native Garden Blood root, Virginia Blue bells , Blue phlox Early woodland plants blooming Red bud trees in Spring bloom Natives and some non-natives competing for space Woodland weeded and mulched Blackeyed Susan Foxglove Beardtongue Plant
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