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Middle Lake Mink Eroded shoreline with only grass Native plants into 3rd year Swamp milkweed and Blue flag Iris Initial native plants starting to grow
Parke Lake Clarkston, MI 2017 This was a very unique project and opportunity to address some extraordinary situations.  New construction home built on a very high water table lot.  Artesian wells were flowing constantly from below home and had to be captured and flowed through a bio-swale and over a weir and into the lake. In addition 4 large rain gardens were built to manage all the eave troughs rainfall and general slope of the property. We worked in conjunction with the builder, architect and excavator. Project planning started in Fall of 2016 and landscaping stated in late May and finished up in Sept. 2017. Pictures show before and when installation was completed. 2018 we should really see the plants take off and pictures will be updated accordingly.
Cardinal flower, Swamp milkweed, Iron weed, & Cup plants blooming Buffer zones on both sides of dock with access to lake Native grasses filling in along lakefront
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