What is a Riparian Buffer Area?
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Riparian by Jim Brueck Natural Riparian by Jim Brueck
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Benefits of buffers: Reducing imperviousness Provide flood control Reducing pollution Minimize property damage Creates a habitat for wildlife Reduces lawn cutting and lawnmower emission Discourage geese from your yard A riparian buffer is an area adjacent to a water body (that is, a riparian area) that is fully or partially protected from human disturbances and thus is able to safe guard the water body from pollution and habitat degradation. A riparian area can perform natural protective functions: filtering sediments, nutrients, and other contaminants; providing woody debris, temperature control. And light control for the adjacent aquatic habitat. (wenger 1999)
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Mill Race Riparian Natives Mill Race Riparian plantings Yellow cone flowers and native grasses Native riparian plantings along Mill race
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